Interpreting is an oral translation from spoken word to spoken word. DaVinci Vertalingen provides simultaneous interpreting or consecutive interpreting services. We will discuss your interpreting requirements with you beforehand, and furnish you with a proposal that is competitively priced. and tailored to your specific needs.

A simultaneous interpreter translates while the speaker is talking. Our conference interpreters work in pairs per language combination in specially equipped booths. The audience listens to the interpreter’s translation through headphones. For a maximum of three people, the interpreter can work without equipment; if there are more than three people, he or she works with a mobile installation with a microphone and headphones. For a very small group of listeners, you may wish to opt for a whispering interpreter. A consecutive interpreter or conversation interpreter takes notes while the speaker is talking. The interpreter waits until the speaker has finished, and then renders what was said accurately into the target language. Alternatively, the interpreter can translate a conversation sentence by sentence from the language of person A to the language of person B and vice versa. This does not require specialist equipment.