In addition to translating across cultures, we also offer a range of related services. Basically, if it involves language, we can help.

Machine translation

If you have spent some time looking at our website you will know that we are committed to delivering the highest possible quality. But sometimes a translation may not have to meet the highest requirements. The wording may not need to be perfect and carefully nuanced. If, for example, a text will only be used only internally, a functional translation may suffice. If nothing else, this will reduce costs and speed up the process.

For these kinds of documents you may wish to consider using machine translation. This allows you to determine the price-quality ratio. How does it work? With the right translation memory and terminology lists, it is possible to create a machine translation that equates to 50% of the quality of a native-speaker translation. The translation is then checked and improved (post-edited) by an experienced native translator. You choose the level of quality: from basic revision to comprehensive editing.

Multimedia translations

Translation of subtitles requires a specific set of skills. It is a bit like translating on a postage stamp. Besides converting dialogue from one language to another, subtitles also have to fit within a certain space. So sentences often need to be shortened. Fortunately, this is an art we have mastered. We translate subtitles for all kinds of videos and can work in any file format. If you want to record a voice-over or dubbing in another language, we can take care of it for you. We can even transcribe and translate transcriptions of audio with time codes. No problem!

Correction and editing

You have nailed down your message, settled on the content and are happy with the result. And that’s great! But for a message to really come across, it has to be right down to the last detail. So it makes sense to have it checked by a professional linguist. This is where we come in as the last stop before publication. We make sure every ‘i’ is dotted and every ‘t’ is crossed. And we can do this in any language, no matter what the subject.


Okay, so you have a translation but are not sure about the quality. In that case, DaVinci can revise the document for you. We check the translation carefully against the source text and make sure the content and the wording are correct. In fact, this is how many of our customers start working with us. From here, together we form a plan for future translations.


You can also present DaVinci Vertalingen with a blank page. Our professional copywriters can (re-)write texts in other languages. You provide some input – often all we need is a few keywords – and we create a text. It can be anything from a rousing speech to an appealing advertisement. In short, if you need a text, we can write it for you.


No matter whether your product is a hammer drill or a blender: we can write the manual for you – in any language. We work with professional linguists who have the necessary technical knowledge. We also examine the product at our office. Because before we can write a manual, first we have to understand how it works and how it is meant to be used. Once we know all the ins and outs, we find the right words.


We don’t just translate on the page. We also interpret the spoken word and can arrange both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. A simultaneous interpreter translates what is being said as it is being said. At conferences for example, interpreters sit in special booths and explain what the speaker is saying to foreign listeners, in their own language, through their headset. For smaller groups, this can be done without equipment, possibly by an interpreter who whispers the speaker’s message.

Consecutive interpreters make notes while the speaker is talking. When the speaker has finished, the interpreter explains what has been said. The speaker may also pause after each sentence and wait while the interpreter translates what they have said. No equipment is required. If you need an interpreter, we can help you decide which approach will best meet your needs.

DTP, design and CRM integration

Sometimes producing a captivating text that is perfect down to the last comma is just the first step. This is where our DTP or desktop publishing services come in. We can prepare your brochure or catalogue for printing and (online) publication. We have extensive experience across a range of desktop publishing programs that includes not only Photoshop, but also MS Office Suite, InDesign, PageMaker, Quark XPress, FrameMaker, Illustrator and AutoCad.

Our project manager will help you define the look you want and the best way to achieve it. You can have as much or as little involvement as you want throughout the process. You say what you want, and we make it happen.



“DaVinci has been producing translations for us for many years. Today we entrust them with the production of all our manuals. This means that as well as writing and translating the manuals, they also take care of all the DTP work. The manuals are formatted exactly the way we want in every language.”